Provide a very well design, and was extremely detailed, specific, and honest. Highly recommend!

Milly P., Woodbridge, NJ

The Sequoia team removed shrubs, graded my yard and made a small retaining wall for a flower bed and garden. My yard is the perfect escape when I get home from the city! Thanks Alan and your team of pros!

Robert K., Edison, NJ

This landscaping company is amazing! For years I couldn’t grow grass at my home in Woodbridge, NJ. I have very hard, red clay soil so Alan conducted a soil test, found out just the right mixture of seed plus chemical balancing to assist growth and I finally have a lawn. I couldn’t be more pleased with Alan and the Sequoia team!

Danna L., Woodbridge, NJ

Alan and his team came and repaired our office building parking lot after a rough winter of cold ice and snow. They cut the asphalt and made seamless repairs. While here, he realized the fence around our dumpster was falling over, so he set new posts, fixed the fence and power washed it – good as new! Will definitely use him again.

Konstantine A., Port Monmouth, NJ

Sequoia has been maintaining my lawn for few years – excellent service! We decided to invest in a new patio for the backyard and we could not be happier with the work done by Alan and his guys! It’s our backyard oasis now and the kids love the outdoor kitchen setup – no more messes inside!

Gary S., Port Reading, NJ

As we find ourselves in the middle of winter, I look out my window at home and see a yard with trees, shrubs and plants reflecting the bleakness of this season. Some might find this a bit depressing, however I know with certainty and great anticipation that in a few months the shrubs and evergreens will sprout new leaves and the color will return to the wonderful perennial plants.  The transformation is thanks to Alan Moy’s design and the Sequoia Land Design crew who worked so hard to remove old and damaged plantings and replace them with beautiful new flora that will withstand the destructive nature of the “fauna” (the deer) that reside in my yard!

Alan spent a lot of time talking with me about the project and traveling out to my home in Hunterdon County before I made the decision to move forward with the job.  Once that occurred, we set a date and Alan and his team arrived early on the designated day.  I was just there to greet them however with work obligations, I left soon after they arrived.  When I returned that evening it was too dark to see the final result.  At the first light the next morning I walked outside and was thrilled to see the wonderful transformation.  Thank you, Alan for helping to make my yard my little paradise!

More Details

Sandra K., Hunterdon County, NJ

They graded my lawn to be level and then placed sod – instantly beautiful! My whole house looks better and no more water on the side of the house!

Manny E., Woodbridge, NJ