Synthetic Grass

Make Lawn Care Easier With the Perfect Residential Synthetic Turf Lawn

This is not the fake grass or green carpet you knew of. Let Sequoia Landscape Design give you a free quote to remove or replace your natural lawn with an ever-green, vibrant and lifelike residential synthetic turf design. Be the lawn envy of all your neighbors.

Synthetic Grass / Residential Turf offers:

  • A beautiful, green, fresh-cut lawn all year round!
  • A yard that is child and pet-friendly and ideal for active play
  • Eliminates unsightly weeds and lawn pest control treatments
  • No more major sprinkler care, mowing, seeding and fertilizing
  • No more worries about too little or too much rain
  • Trees and bushes grow without fear of thinning turf
  • Worry-free traffic patterns and wear and tear
  • Better yard and lawn drainage – no more muddy puddles!
  • Similar installation as pavers with smooth, level, perfectly-pitched expert installation
  • Easy to rake and maintain during spring and fall clean-ups