Sequoia Wall, Block & Paver

We Build Beautiful, Effective, Structural Retaining Walls, Terraces and Planters, and Outdoor Kitchens, Firepits and Patios.

Let Sequoia Land Design give your yard a more aesthetic look or improve your curb appeal to be the envy of your neighborhood. We create homely usable space, tame slopes, comforting firepits and outdoor kitchen areas while breaking up long sections of grass or fencing.

The proper construction of any retaining wall, especially terraced, is crucial to its success. The lower wall is typically built on solid ground but the upper walls are built in soil that has been disturbed and recompacted during the design and construction. Proper compaction of this soil and any necessary fabric or rebar support will prevent the upper walls from settling or leaning avoiding an eventual collapse.

We can provide free estimates for the following block and paver projects:

  • Flower Beds
  • Preventative Soil Erosion
  • Gravity Retaining Wall
  • Cantilevered Retaining Wall
  • Sheet Piling Retaining Wall
  • Anchored Retaining Wall
  • Stone Veneers on Concrete
  • Natural Stone Walls
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Firepits

As a Techo-Bloc Contractor, the materials we use include:

  • Techo-Bloc Pavers
  • Blu 60 Slate
  • Villagio Paver
  • Antika Pavers
  • Mini-Creta Block
  • Clayton Allen Block
  • GeoGrid